Active Life practitioners have been treating patients' limb loss conditions for decades.

Our goal is to restore and improve the active lifestyle for patients with mobility challenges.  Active Life features an extensive collection of prosthetic solutions for all types of patients and people, custom fabricated in our state-of-the-art lab by qualified technicians and prosthetists. Active Life is a leader is professional prosthetic patient care and solutions.  To see for yourself, please visit one of our local offices to see how we can help.


Prosthetic Feet

Choosing the right prosthetic foot is a highly personalized experience. Active Life prosthetists factor in function, body weight, activity and recreational interests when selecting the proper foot for the patient.


Prosthetic Arms + Hands

Active Life specializes in upper extremity prosthetic devices, including myoelectrics, to provide upper limb users with a wide variety of personal choices.


Prosthetic Knees

Active Life offers prosthetic knee technologies to adapt to patients of every age and functional level, including safety knees and microprocessor knees.

Sports Prosthetics

Sports + Recreation Prosthetics

Discover the possibilities that your prosthesis can bring you. Active Life specializes in all types of athletic and sport prosthetic limbs.

Pediatric Prosthetics

Pediatric Prosthetics

Pediatric Prosthetics is about more than just making things smaller. Our team designs and manufactures our pediatric patient’s items to fulfill all of his or her emotional, mental and physical needs.

We fell in love with the family at Active Life. When we need them, they’re always right there.
— Heidi / Mother of Pediatric Prosthetic Patient

Causes of Amputation

Source: Amputee Coalition

Types of Amputations

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