Modern, technical bracing and support solutions designed to improve quality of life

Our goal is to restore and improve the active lifestyle for patients with mobility challenges.  Active Life practitioners have been treating patients' orthotic conditions for decades.  Active Life features an extensive collection of orthotic solutions for all types of patients and people, whether off-the-shelf or custom fabricated in our state-of-the-art lab.  Our solutions are available to help patients with their post-injury, post-surgery mobility or everyday support. 

Knee Brace Lower Extremity Orthotics

Lower Extremity Orthotics

Lower extremity orthotic devices are the most common due to the stress the human body places on the lower extremities for day to day activities. Active Life provides lower extremity services and products that target conditions of the foot all the way up to hip and pelvis. Depending on the complexity of our clients' conditions, they will either be seen by an Active Life Orthotist or an Orthotic Fitter, who perform a gait assessment of the client when applicable, in addition to testing muscle function and range of motion where needed. Our clients can be assured that Active Life will do everything possible to make the use of an orthotic device comfortable and manageable for each client.


Spinal Orthotics

Active Life has specialized spinal orthotic solutions to help treat chronic back pain, or spinal related issues due to trauma and fractures of the spine. It is crucial that the orthotic device provide enough leverage above and below the damaged area of the spine, and that enough compression of abdominal soft tissue or surrounding bony structures be present in order to properly offload or relieve the painful area of the spine. Active Life's Orthotists and Orthotic Fitters will assess the client's condition and reference the referring physician's prescription to determine the most appropriate orthotic solution that will increase comfort and promote healing to the injured spine.

Wrist Brace

Upper extremity orthotics

Upper extremity orthotics provided by Active Life are generally used to treat conditions resulting from orthopedic trauma or stress, or overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel or tennis elbow syndromes. Active Life will make sure that the orthotic device fits the client properly and stays positioned during use of the extremity, as permitted by the referring physician. Active Life only uses quality products that are durable and easy to take on and off by the client.

Pediatric Orthotics

pediatric orthotics

One of Active Life's specialty services include pediatric orthotic management. We provide expert treatment of certain orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, club foot and more, and are involved with several children's hospitals and specialty clinics, which have given Active Life exposure and expertise in pediatrics in a manner that is hard for many other orthotic providers to achieve.

They didn’t say ‘Why can’t you do it?’, they said ‘What can we do to help you out?’. When I first came to Active Life, I realized that this was a different kind of relationship than I’d had before. They treat people with disabilities like grown up people.
— Byron / Young Adult Cerebral Palsy Patient