As New Mexico's premier center for therapeutic footwear and foot orthotics, we are committed to helping our patients get back on their feet.

Men's Diabetic Shoe Boot

Active Life Understands the Importance of proper foot care

With the right footwear, at-risk patients can help prevent more severe complications. Active Life's board-certified specialists ensure that patients leave feeling listened to & professionally evaluated.

Women's Diabetic Shoes

Therapeutic footwear

provided by Active Life is

designed to maintain the

highest levels of foot health, especially for people living with diabetes

and other foot conditions.

The shoe fitters at Active Life saved my feet, they knew exactly what size to put me in and the shoes looked great too!
— David / Diabetic Footwear Patient
diabetic orthotics

Active Life Practitioners are trained to modify most shoes to meet the specific needs of the patient’s feet, Including…

Rocker Soles

Heel & Sole Lift

Toe Skater

Medial Arch Fill

Brace Prep

I-Post Rocker

Strap Extension

Lace to Hook and Loop


Hook and Loop to Lace

and More!