Quality, convenient care for each individual patient
living with venous or lymphatic disorders

Active Life is proud to be a local leader in compression garment fitting, outreach and education while offering a wide selection of curated compression garments to help treat patients with lymphedema or venous disorders.


Comprehensive Care

Our practitioners strive to understand you best. Our professional team can guide you to choose the right compression garment for your specific needs and get you on your road to recovery faster.

Convenience Delivered

Convenience Delivered

Active Life is proud to offer remote compression services at health clinics across New Mexico. We have partnered with many major healthcare facilities to work closely with your existing doctors and therapists.


Professional Fittings

Every Active Life Compression Fitters is personally trained by nationally recognized, master-level compression specialists to understand and implement the best fitting and measuring techniques available.

Don't Order Compression Online

Ordering Compression Garments Online Isn't Good Enough

Fitting compression garments is more of an art form than a science. Our fitters are specially trained to recognize each patient's individual situation and needs. Some patients require different styles of compression garments to accommodate their specific venous conditions, lymphedema or areas of swelling.

Often, the journey leading you to need compression garments can be long and tough; and you need to make sure that your treatments up to this point aren't going to waste by ordering the wrong compression garment for your needs. Our compression specialists are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to see why we are New Mexico's leader in providing the best care for patients needing compression stockings, compression arm sleeves, custom compression garments, venous compression garments, night time compression and more!


What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic condition where excess lymphatic fluid collects in the tissue spaces, causing edema. While there is no absolute cure for lymphedema, significant progress has been made in the management of the disease.


Gradient Compression Garments

Gradient compression reduces swelling and helps prevent the pooling of fluid in the venous or lymphatic systems and in the interstitial spaces. Active Life has the expertise and products to help patients get back to living their life to their fullest.


Stages of Lymphedema

Stage 0: Latent

Swelling is not always evident in this stage.  The stage may exist for months or years before edema becomes visible.

Stage 1: Mild/Reversible

Edema begins to show in this stage.  Pitting may occur.  This fluid may subside when the limb is elevated.

Stage 2: Moderate/Spontaneously Irreversible

At stage 2, limb elevation is rarely effective in reducing swelling.  Pitting can occur as well as possible fibrosis (hardening).

Stage 3: Severe/Elephantiasis

No pitting will be present in this stage.  You may see wart-like growths and fat deposits.

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