Standing All Day At Work? Compression Can Help!

Teacher Standing at Work

Many people tend to stand the majority of their workday.  Standing for long periods of time can lead to many medical problems that can be easily avoided.  Swelling is your leg is one of the most prominent issues.  Additionally, here are some of biggest medical issues that can occur while standing at work:

  • Varicose Veins

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Pregnancy Complications

  • Chronic Heart and Circulatory Disorders

  • Swollen or Painful Feet or Legs

  • Poor Circulation and Swelling in Feet and/or Legs

Standing at Work

Many teachers, airline staff, construction workers, and retail staff find themselves struggling with these medical issues and do not understand that they have an option not to.  The option to living an active lifestyle can be achieved with the help of compression stockings.  These affordable stockings are an easy solution to alleviate the tiredness that plagues the standing workforce.  

Compression stockings encourage a strong venous return and limit leg swelling, which also helps to prevent varicose veins.  That said, compression stockings tend to only be effective when properly sized and fit.  Be sure you visit a qualified compression fitter when you begin to look for the right pair of stockings for your situation.  Compression fitters are specially trained to understand a patient's unique scenario and needs to best select the ideal compression garments.

The compression team at Active Life is available to help you select the right compression stockings for your workplace lifestyle.  To get started, simply contact us today or visit one of our fantastic clinics around Albuquerque.