Water Exercises for Lymphedema

1. Water Walking

Water Walking is a fantastic way to begin your session in the pool.  It helps you relax and start moving and the more relaxed you are the better your lymphatic system will do!  Alternate foot positions and see what feels good.  Don't forget to try walking backwards or even sideways!

2. Move Your Arms

This can be done in combination with your water walking.  As you walk, feel free to let your arms flow behind you.  Try letting your arms float on the water in front of you and gently move them from side to side while walking (this is especially great if you have lymphedema in your arms).  

3. Shoulder Rolls

Start by relaxing with your shoulders under the water.  From there, reach your arms out in front of you and let your shoulders roll forwards, backwards, up and down, etc.  Let your arms follow your shoulder's movements in this exercise.

Remember before starting any new exercise routine you should always check with your physician first.  

Lymphedema Exercises