Exploring Neuropathy

What Does “Neuropathy” even mean?

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes?  Chances are you've probably had the word "Neuropathy" thrown at you quite a bit.  But what does it even mean?

Neuropathy is essentially "Nerve Damage" and about half of all people with diabetes have some form of it.  Neuropathy is definitely not something to ignore as it can lead to a world of problems.  If you can keep your blood glucose levels under control, you have help delay or even prevent nerve damage. and if you're already dealing with neuropathy, you may help to prevent or delay further damage.  

Because Active Life is a leader in fitting footwear for diabetics, the most common type of neuropathy we encounter is called "Peripheral Neuropathy"; or what most patients refer to as "a tingling pain".  This type of neuropathy is easily discovered when therapeutic shoe fitters conduct a mono-filament test.  With this test your practitioner will poke your foot with a very fine stick to test whether or not you are able to feel certain areas of your foot.  

What is the biggest danger we encounter when dealing with neuropathy?    From a therapeutic shoe fitters point of view, the biggest danger is a patient that cannot feel if something is inside his or her shoe.  (that's why we're always telling you to check your shoes so frequently!).  We've had patients be unaware they were stepping on coins, needles, toy cars, nails, etc, etc.  and as you can likely imagine, the likelihood of a wound appearing is very  high and those wounds can be especially hard to heal.  It is for this same reason that we don't allow our patients to wear open toed shoes, sandals or any footwear that might allow debris to get lodged under your foot; because as we learned earlier, a person suffering from neuropathy wouldn't be able to tell if they were walking around all day with a hot-wheels car stuck in their arch.

Active Life's diabetic footwear is specially selected to accommodate patients with and without neuropathy.  Our board certified fitters can pick out the shoe that is perfect for your lifestyle and situation and ensure that your feet stay as healthy and protected as can be.  

If you'd like to come visit one of our certified therapeutic shoe fitters please give us a call today!